In order to provide a set of comprehensive mobile app lifecycle management solutions, Suitch have employed an ardent team of seasoned experts who own years of experience in working with the latest and greatest mobile technologies to facilitate the application maintenance process. Our on-going support assures peace of mind that comes after knowing that our services are incessant and you will be provided with whatever you are looking for before, during and after taking service.

Our expertise lies in providing mobile app support, maintenance, and upgrade services for iOS and Android applications. The maintenance services we offer include technology consulting, security audit, server management, OS versions update, application licenses check, etc.

Our solutions are available 24/7 and are meant to keep your app competitive and up-to-date, while achieving consistent app performance and keep up with changing audience expectations. Here are our top 4 app maintenance services that the clients usually look for:


Every time the operating system is upgraded it is better to upgrade the app as well. Our solutions include all major upgrades and additions.

Performance enhancement

With time mobile apps face huge competition and to be able to perform consistently we help our clients with trendy solutions.

Bug Detectives

Our team of IT experts tracks the bugs and errors on a constant basis, as well as address user-side queries, to ensure flawless performance of the app.

Server Support

With the help of our certified AWS System Ops professionals, we ensure all common issues on servers are under control for reliable user experience.

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